Guatemala 5 Centavos  1949 to Date
Guatemala 5 Centavos 1949 to Date

These coins from the Republic of Guatemala in Central America show the national arms on one side, and a 'kapok tree' on the other side. The tree's seed pods yield a fluffy fiber which is used as a soft stuffing for mattresses, upholstery, teddy bears and other objects. Under the tree, the national motto of 'LIBRE CREZCA FECUNDO' is displayed - it translates into 'Grow free and fertile'.

Coins minted before 1965 contain silver. There is an annotation '0.720' on the silver coins which is missing from the post-1964 copper-nickel coins. The silver is 72 percent pure:

5 CENTAVOS 1949 to 1964: 0.0386 troy ounces silver
5 CENTAVOS after 1964: zero silver content

The post-1964 coins are not worth much. A keen collector might pay a couple dollars to add a nice looking specimen to his or her collection. Worn and circulated coins are worth face value - a few US cents.

The 1965 date is slightly scarcer. Coins with only light wear may sell for $1, while pristine specimens in fully uncirculated condition may sell at $5 or slightly more.

For the pre-1965 silver issues, first compute the base value (BV) of the silver. At today's levels of $18.85 US dollars per troy ounce (see, BV is 0.0386 x 18.85 = 72 US cents. Silver changes every day, so be sure to look it up.

Normal circulated pre-1965 coins are worth BV. If you can find one in fully uncirculated condition, add a collector premium to the BV:

1949: add $25 to BV for fully uncirculated coind
1959 to 1954: add $8
1955 to 1964: add $2

If you are really fortunate, maybe you can find a gold 5 centavos. A handful of them were minted in 1953 and distributed to dignitaries. They are worth a *ton* of money.

Any damaged coin is worth BV or zero, regardless of the date and wear from circulation.

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