Byzantine Constantine X Follis with Christ on Footstool  1059AD to 1067AD
Byzantine Constantine X Follis with Christ on Footstool 1059AD to 1067AD

Constantine X Doukas (or Ducas) was emperor of the Byzantine Empire for eight years in the mid 11th century. He was firstly a politician and secondly a general, choosing to disband tens of thousands of troops to save on wages. Over the course of his rather short reign, the empire shrunk significantly, with large parts of Italy, Armenia and the Balkans being lost to the Normans, Turks and Bulgarians.

These folles (plural of follis) were struck over the course of his entire reign, from his crowning on November 24th 1059 until his death on May 22nd 1067. The mint was located in Constantinople, today Istanbul, Turkey.

The obverse (front) shows Jesus Christ standing on a footstool, wearing a nimbus and holding the Book of Gospels. The inscription around, 'EMMA NOVHA', translates roughly into 'God is with us'. The letters in the field, IC and XC, means Jesus and Christ. The other side of the coin (the reverse) shows the Queen Eudocia on the left and Emperor Constantine X on the right.
The values correlate with eye-appeal and wear, roughly according to the list below:

worn: $40 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $120
well preserved: $275

Our image comes from Beast Coins, a highly respected dealer in such material.

Coins that are corroded or holed will be worth much less. Coins with exceptional eye-appeal will be worth more. Please read our Important Terminology page found at the top left in order to properly interpret the catalog values used on this page.

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