Token ~ Jeton: Great Britain National Transport  1903 to Date
Token ~ Jeton: Great Britain National Transport 1903 to Date

Wow. That's cool. I did not know they had a NATIONAL system of tokens for transportation in the UK. Well, in fact, they don't.

Not only that, the tokens from 1903 look just as nice as the tokens from 2003. Well, that's because the date on the token represents the date of the vehicle shown, not the date the token was made.

These tokens, of which there are many neat patterns, are manufactured by National Transport Tokens, Ltd, in Blackburn in North West England. According to this forum post on World of Coins, the tokens may serve as 'free passes' for elderly people on some transportation networks.

The tokens are ubiquitous. They are worth less than $1 US dollar each. It would still be fun, however, to try to assemble a complete set of them as a collecting challenge.

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Requester description: 1903 TOKEN OBVERSE: Top of token text says TRAMCAR - Center displays an a TRAMCAR on Tacks - Below is the date 1903 REVERSE: Text around token says NATIONAL TRANSPORT TOKEN - Center text is 20
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