El Salvador 50 Centavos and 1 Peso  1892 to 1914
El Salvador 50 Centavos and 1 Peso 1892 to 1914

What a cool coin, Nancy Lou. It's big, bold, and made out of silver. As such, it is pretty valuable. The earlier dates carry a little more value than your 1909 specimen, but since your coin has little or no wear (like the coin in our picture) figure a catalog value of $150 to $200. This applies to the 1 peso coins. The 50 centavos coin looks the same, and is worth about the same, but is slightly smaller.

Remember these are inflated catalog values. Actual values will be less. Read our Important Terminology page for an explanation.


Here are some typical catalog values.

worn: $20
average circulated: $30
well preserved: $50
fully uncirculated: $200

An 1892 peso catalogs for $300 when fully uncirculated.
An 1896 peso catalogs for $100 in worn condition and tops $1000 when fully uncirculated.
Most coins dated 1914 were remelted. An 1914 peso catalogs for $600 in fully uncirculated condition.

worn: $10
average circulated: $25
well preserved: $90
fully uncirculated: $300

An 1892 50 centavos catalogs for $450 when fully uncirculated.

The coin in the picture comes from eBay seller CincoPicos, and CoinQuest thanks CincoPicos for use of their photo. It's a beauty!

Coin: 1735 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1909 Republica Del Salvador 900 C.A.M. 1909 with shield, wreath, flags on one side. Cristobal Colon, America Central and Un Peso on the other with face of Cristopher Columbus.
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