Token: US Honest Abe Great Emancipator
Token: US Honest Abe Great Emancipator

I've always thought of Abraham Lincoln as the greatest of American presidents, greater than Washington, Jefferson, and the rest. Given the impossible choice of killing his own people in a gruesome war, or doing the right thing and abolishing slavery, Lincoln chose 'do the right thing.' It was an amazing act of courage. If our politicians today had one-tenth the courage, our world would be a better place.

But I digress ...

These are modern tokens made to commemorate this great person. They are mass produced in brass or bronze by the thousands and sold in gift and novelty shops. You can buy one on eBay for a few US dollars.

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Requester description: It looks like a penny on the front. Honest Abe
The most revered American served as president throughout the great civil war noted for his immortal Gettysburg Address
The Great Emancipator
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What year did they start minting these tokens? - GBond
Best I can tell, these were minted in the 1960s. Our general page about them appears at this link [PRESS HERE]. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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