Token: US California Fractional Gold Fake (Counterfeit)  1849 to 1857
Token: US California Fractional Gold Fake (Counterfeit) 1849 to 1857

This page shows two of the most common fake California Gold pieces, dated 1852 and 1857, but there are oodles more fakes.

The numismatic (coin collecting) specialty area known as US California Fractional Gold is highly sophisticated and very complex. Genuine pieces are tiny and valuable, and they may appear crude and poorly made. It is not surprising, then, that crooks and shysters choose this area as fertile ground for ripping off collecting novices. Don't be a victim.


Our CoinQuest forum is way too simplified to address genuine Cal Gold pieces. Our general page on Cal Gold [Press Here] does little more than introduce the subject and refer the reader to more authoritative web sites. But this page addresses the many fake Cal Gold pieces around. The definitive web site for this subject is Mike Locke's Token Page [press here]. Mike is an accomplished numismatist dedicated to California coins and tokens. 'Coins' are the genuine, high-value articles. 'Tokens' are copies of the coins, usually worth a few US dollars at most.

You see the counterfeits all the time on eBay and other Internet sites. Usually a little concentration and attention to detail, and the novice can sort the fakes from genuine pieces.

When in doubt, consider only coins that have been authenticated, graded, and encapsulated by PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS. Other slabbing services are suspect. Our side-by-side graphic above shows a replica on the left and a slabbed genuine coin on the right.

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