US Quarter Washington Bicentennial  1975 and 1976
US Quarter Washington Bicentennial 1975 and 1976

The Washington quarter is the present quarter dollar or 25-cent piece issued by the United States Mint. The coin was first struck in 1932. For other Washington quarters, see this CoinQuest page [Press Here]. We also have a page on special Washington Statehood quarters at this link [Press Here]

In 1973 the mint announced that the quarter, half dollar, and dollar coins would be re-designed for the country's bi-centennial by citizen artists via a $5,000 contest. Eventually three designs were chosen and plans to cancel the same three 1975 coins, make silver versions, and issue a new two dollar bill became reality. A victory torch encircled by 13 stars and a colonial drummer along with the typical mandated writing won the quarter design. JLA under the left arm are the initials of Jack L. Ahr, the winning designer. This quarter was issued over a two year period (1975 and 1976) with more than 800 million issued. So these are not rare and even in high grade they are very common and worth very little. All circulated coins made of copper-nickel are worth face value. Some silver proof coins were made especially for collectors and there are worth their weight in silver.

For a copper-nickel coin in brilliant conditions a collector might pay as high as $8 US dollars.

Damaged coins are worth zero. Please see our Important Terminology page found at the top left in order to convert the catalog values used here into actual buy and sales values.

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