Great Britain Brittania Gold Bullion Coins  1987 to Date
Great Britain Brittania Gold Bullion Coins 1987 to Date

Now these are really gorgeous coins. They are gold bullion coins produced by the Royal Mint for the purpose of investing in gold. They come in many sizes containing various amounts of gold. The largest is the full one troy ounce of gold size, designated with a face value of 100 British pounds.

All coins bear the portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the front. Most coins show the standing Britannia pattern on the back, although some dates show other artistic patterns featuring Britannia. Like America's Miss Liberty and France's Marianne, Britannia is a female British figure representing strength, beauty, integrity, discipline, and similar virtuous qualities.

The photos on this page come from TaxFreeGold, one of Chard's many coin-oriented web sites. Visit the Chard sites for complete run-downs of all these coins, with plenty of detail and fair and honest pricing. CoinQuest thanks Chard for use of their coin photos. They are beautiful.

Value of this and any reputable bullion coin varies with the price of gold. At this moment, gold is selling for $1266 US dollars per troy ounce, so the value of a 100 pound (one ounce) gold Britannia coin is $1266. Tomorrow gold will be selling at a different price, so be sure to look it up on web sites such as

When buying or selling bullion coins, the dealer must charge fees over and above bullion value so he or she can remain in business. The amount of these fees varies with the total amount of the transaction. For a single one ounce gold coin in the area of $1000 US dollars, a 5 to 15 percent fee is reasonable. Fee percentage can go up for smaller transactions, and down (way down) for larger transactions.

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