South Africa Silver 2 Rand (Union Building)  2013
South Africa Silver 2 Rand (Union Building) 2013

You know, GT, here at CoinQuest we are basically collectors at heart. This is why it irks me when governments issue coins and then purposefully limit production to drive prices up. That's what South Africa did with this nice-looking 2013 2 rand coin. Unfortunately, it happens all the time -- all countries do it. Yecch.

And in the advertisements for this coin, they even try to capitalize on Nelson Mandela's death by saying he lay in state inside the Union Building. Double yecch.

You can tell that I would never buy this coin. It is made of one troy ounce of silver (33.6 grams at 92.5 percent pure), so it would normally be worth its weight in silver, about $20 US dollars at today's silver price. (Look up the price of gold and silver at So the question becomes 'how much does the limited 1000 piece mintage drive up the price?' Well, not at all for me.

I have checked the Internet auction sites, as well as our professional coin auction database, and found no instances of this coin being sold at auction. There have been several auction attempts, and these auctions have carried starting bids as high as 99000 ZAR (about $9000 US dollars) and as low as $185 US dollars. With no coin actually being sold, it means, at this time, the coin is worth less than $185. If I found one for, say, $50, I might consider buying it. But that's just me.

To find out how much this coin is worth, find one that has sold on eBay. That's its worth. So far I have not been able to find one.

Coin: 17742 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 2013 S.A Sterling silver R2 coin of 2013
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