Egypt 5, 10, 20, and 50 Piastres (Diversion of the Nile)  1964
Egypt 5, 10, 20, and 50 Piastres (Diversion of the Nile) 1964

According to 'Google Translate,' the inscription reads 1964 1384 May 15, 1964 keepsake divert the course of the River Nile ~ United Arab Republic 50 penny which, no surprise, is precisely what this coin is in English, an Egypt 50 piatres commemorating the Aswan Dam diversion of the Nile River. The coin also comes in 5, 10, and 25 piastre denominations:

5 PIASTRES: 18 mm diameter, 0.058 troy ounces silver
10 PIASTRES: 23 mm diameter, 0.116 troy ounces
25 PIASTRES: 29 mm, 0.232 ounces
50 PIASTRES: 40 mm, 0.463 ounces

The silver content alone makes this coin valuable. At today's $18.50 US dollars per troy ounce silver price (it changes continuously -- look it up at, a 50 piastres contains 0.463 x 18.50 = $8.50 worth of silver.

Collectors seeking this coin are usually willing to pay a little more than silver value when the coin is in well preserved or fully uncirculated condition. Worn coins with average circulation wear are worth silver value, but for coins in better shape, add these premiums

5 PIASTRES well preserved: add $1
5 PIASTRES fully uncirculated: add $2

10 PIASTRES well preserved: add $2
10 PIASTRES fully uncirculated: add $4

25 PIASTRES well preserved: add $4
25 PIASTRES fully uncirculated: add $6

50 PIASTRES well preserved: add $8
50 PIASTRES fully uncirculated: add $10

Coin: 17771 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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