Token: US Baldwin California 20 Dollar  1851
Token: US Baldwin California 20 Dollar 1851

There are only a few genuine $20 Baldwin & Co gold coins known. One specimen in well preserved condition was sold in April 2014 for $646,250 US dollars. Yes, you are reading that number right. Ten dollar Baldwins are slightly more common. You can read about them at this CoinQuest link [Press Here].

It's a whole other story with these copper $20 tokens though. We are not sure when, where, or by who they were produced, but they are slightly uncommon and at least some decades old. The ugly token in our image was sold on eBay for $12 in August 2014. If you have one of these, expect a collector to pay a similar price.

You can find some of these tokens still in the original unopened packaging including a paper slip with a description of the token and a little history about private mints in California. These command a higher price - one such originally packaged token was sold for $53.50 on eBay in August 2014.

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Requester description: 1851 1851 California gold smv 'EXACTLY as above. TWENTY FRONT: ON head facing left 'Baldwin' 1851
BACK: S.M.V. California gold, TWENTY D
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I have a 1851 Baldwind 20 dollar gold coin. I'm not sure if it is authentic. Is there any suggestions on who I could take it to? - Jennifer
These are very rare coins. Look up a coin dealer near you using the PNG web site [PRESS HERE]. PNG dealers are very reputable. If you like you can send us a picture and we will give you our opinion of authenticity. To send, start an e-mail exchange using the 'Contact' button at the top of the home page. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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