Norway 50 Ore  1874 to 1904
Norway 50 Ore 1874 to 1904

One can never be sure these days, Asra, but if your coin is genuine and not a counterfeit, you have a valuable coin. It is from Norway, as you suspect, and it catalogs for $300 US dollars in average circulated condition. This is inflated catalog value. Use our Important Terminology link to understand what this means.

Common date Norwegian 50 ore in this series of coins usually run about $10 catalog value in worn condition, $40 when average circulated, $100 when well preserved, and the values and rise to $200 to $300 in fully uncirculated condition. Were Asra's rare-date 1885 coin fully uncirculated, it would catalog at a whopping $1000.

You should consider having your coin certified and encapsulated by one of these services: PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS (look them up on the Internet).

The good dates in this series, with values similar to Asra's 1885 specimen, are 1874, 1875, 1880 and 1885.
The 1874 and 1875 dates are slightly less scarce in fully uncirculated condition, but still more valuable than the common dates, with a catalog value around $800.

Some decent dates are 1877, 1887 and 1904, which catalog for around $100 when average circulated and $500 when fully uncirculated.

Coins dated 1889 and 1897 aren't too bad either, with catalog values of $15 when worn and $60 when average circulated.

CoinQuest thanks Mogens in Denmark who found this coin (are you ready?) with a metal detector. Way to go, Mogens! Check out his web site to see other cool stuff he has found.

Coin: 1792 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: ASRA, Wed, 04-Nov-2009 16:12:01 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 02-Jun-2013 11:35:44 GMT
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Requester description: 1885 22 mm diameter. 'Oscar II Norges o.Sver.Konge' above profile of bearded man with wavy hair facing left. Below 'Broderfolkenes Vel' On reverse is '50 Ore' aboveSheild with rampant lion holding an axe topped by a crown. Wreath circles the bottom of the coin with 1885 at bottom. Crossed axes separate 18 from 85
Tags: norway 50 ore norges norwegian norse nor norge oscar ii sver konge koenig bearded beard man wavy wave hair broderfolkenes brodrafolkens vel val rampant lion an axe crown wreath circles circle crossed cross axes koeni konung konigr coing koningrik koenigreich koningrujk kongung koningin koin koning koningrijk koningryk kongeriget koninkrijk koenigreigh koeing konig kongerike tee goty goatee gotee beared boy male mann boys mans waving waive wavey waves hairdo hairline broderfolkenesvel broderfolkens axhead ax axehead crowned tiara crwon crpwn crowns tiarra crowning tiera greenery wreathed rief reif reef wreathe wreat garland wreth wreah wreaths circled encircle crrcle cirle circlet ring circlr circal citcle encircled ringed circumscibed cirlce circel encircles encircling rings circling cirlces circular cicurling circumscribed cruciform crosses maltese maltise crossing criss shield coat arms sheild shiled shied chevrons shileld shild escucheon shelid chevron ashield shields coats crests insignia crested crest creast tiger leaves leaf lions cougar tigers leafs leave leaved leafed leafy leavs





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