Cuba 20 centavos  1898
Cuba 20 centavos 1898

Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Cuba on October 28, 1492, on his initial westward voyage. In honor of the daughter of Ferdinand V and Isabella I of Spain, his benefactors, Columbus named it first Juana but later Fernandina, two of several names he successively applied to the island. It eventually became known as Cuba, from its aboriginal name, Cubanascnan.

The island was a Spanish colony from 1511 to 1898. After the Spanish-American War it was an independent United States Protectorate from 1902 to 1934. Since then it is an independent republic.

This is a rare 20 centavos coin. The emblem of the provisional government is on 20 centavos and 1 peso coins dated 1898. It consists of a five-pointed star, charged with the cypher RC radiant, within another star and is surrounded by a garland of branches of olive. This beautiful coin is made of silver and has 6.65 grams.

Catalog values are high, and run like this:

worn: $600 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $800
well preserved: $1600
fully uncirculated: $4000

The amazing coin in our picture comes from Heritage Auctions where it sold for $11000 in a 2013 auction. CoinQuest, as always, is indebted to top-notch numismatic firms like Heritage who release copyright to us.

We do not know of any counterfeits of this coin, but, since it is so valuable, counterfeits may exist. Be sure to protect your coin and treat it as genuine unless you know otherwise.

Coin: 17920 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1898 one side of coin has coat of arms w/ date of 1898
other side of coin has star in middle
coin has size of us quarter
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