Austria Ducat (Rudolph II)  1572 to 1612
Austria Ducat (Rudolph II) 1572 to 1612

Amazing coin, Tukac. Valuable, too. We do not know of any counterfeits, but, of course, this is always possible with a valuable coin like yours. Treat your coin with utmost care -- like it is genuine -- unless proven otherwise.

Rudolph II (RVDOL II on the coin) ruled as Holy Roman Emperor in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Boehmia, and Croatia between 1576 and 1612AD. Many coins, like the one in our main picture (upper left), show a crest of the Empire, but others show different patterns, per our secondary pictures. The pattern on the reverse does not have a strong influence on value -- all patterns are about the same. The reverse inscription, beginning with ARCHID, applies to all designs described on this page. These coins are about 25 mm in diameter and weigh between 3.35 and 3.50 grams. The coin in our main picture comes from Numismatica Ars Classica in London where it sold for 825 Swiss francs (about $870 US dollars) during a 2005 auction. It would probably sell for more today. CoinQuest appreciates Ars Classica for allowing us to use their beautiful coin image.

Setting values on intriguing medieval coins like this is a tough call. Each coin stands on its own merits and factors such as eye appeal and lack of damage figure into value much more than wear. Our estimates of catalog value are very approximate:

worn: $500
average circulated: $1200
well preserved: $3000

Coin: 17930 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 587AD On the front side there is a man, a nobleman with a sword in his belt and holding a globe on which is cross.

On the back side of the coin is the coat of arms with a crown. The coat of arms is divided into four parts. Upper-left and lower-right part of a line in the top right and bottom left of the picture knight.
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