Sweden 1/6 Ore  1666 to 1718
Sweden 1/6 Ore 1666 to 1718

This long-lived series of early modern copper coinage from Sweden has plenty of little ins and outs that makes it interesting to collectors. One type was struck from 1666 until 1686. Then none were struck from 1687 to 1706. Then another type was struck from 1707 until 1718. Both types look alike, but the earlier type has just a 'C' above the three crowns, while the later type has 'C XII' above the three crowns.

1666 TO 1686 COMMON DATES:
worn: $8 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $70
well preserved: $150
fully uncirculated: $500

1707 TO 1718 COMMON DATES:
worn: $6
average circulated: $40
well preserved: $110
fully uncirculated: $400

Coins dated 1666 with a large, capital 'M' below the word 'OR' (NOT a small, miniscule 'm') catalog at $450 when average circulated
Coins dated 1673 with NO star in the date catalog at $65 when average circulated
Coins dated 1708 catalog at $60 when average circulated

Another intricacy with these coins are so-called overdates. On some coins, a second, earlier date is visible underneath the main date. On very worn coins this can rarely be seen. For some dates, the overdate variety is more common and less valuable, but for other dates, coins showing an overdate are more valuable. You will often need a magnifying glass to properly read the second date.

Coins dated 1668 over 1667: $100 when average circulated
Coins dated 1669 over 1668: $100 avg. circ.
Coins dated 1680 over 1677: $150 avg. circ.
Coins dated 1682 over 1681: $100 avg. circ.
Coins dated 1683 over 1682: $100 avg. circ.

Note that coins with an overdate are not especially rare or valuable, but only carry a slight premium. The overdate must be visible and unambiguous for a coin to have this premium.

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Coin: 17942 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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