United Arab Emirates 1 Fils  1973 to 2005
United Arab Emirates 1 Fils 1973 to 2005

There is a fun little pun on these coins, at least in English. The palm trees on the reverse are date palms, and they are located just above the date on the coin! Oh yeah, we coin collectors sure have a lot of fun!

With regards to value, these are common, modern coins. The catalogs list a very generous value of 30 US cents for well preserved coins, which goes to show how you cannot always doubt catalogs when it comes to very common, modern issues.

In reality, any circulated coin is worth face value (one fils) in the United Arab Emirates. A collector may pay up to a couple US dollars for a brilliant, fully uncirculated specimen.

Coin: 17952 , Genre: Modern
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Requester description: 3 palm trees

Rest of the details are in arabic, I am assuming. 1 United arab emirates
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