Czechoslovakia 1 Koruna  1957 to 1960
Czechoslovakia 1 Koruna 1957 to 1960

Tdwieman, these coins depict a woman planting a linden tree, and on the reverse is the Czech lion with Slovak shield.

These coins are modern, made of aluminum-bronze, and were minted in large numbers. They all carry low values - less than $1 for circulated coins.

Coins in fully, absolutely uncirculated condition might fetch $5 to $7 US dollars from a keen collector.

The values above are catalog values. Use our Important Terminology link to understand what this means.

Coin: 17986 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
Requested by: Tdwieman, Sat, 04-Oct-2014 02:23:33 GMT
Answered by: Van, Sat, 04-Oct-2014 03:57:36 GMT
Requester description: 1959 front: woman kneeling, planting something, shovel on her left.
reverse: lion on his hind legs, facing left, a double cross on his chest. He is NOT on a shield. 1 on the reverse: REPUBLIKA CESKOSLOVENSKA
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