Russia 100 Roubles WWII Victory Commemorative  1995
Russia 100 Roubles WWII Victory Commemorative 1995

This is a massive silver coin. It measures over 100 mm in diameter and contains 28.94 troy ounces of silver. Only 1500 pieces were minted.

The Russian mint has issued dozens and dozens of gold, silver, and platinum commemoratives over recent years, selling them at high premiums to collectors. These 100 mm coins are the top end for silver. There are also 10000 rouble gold coins with the same massive measurements. Check out [Press Here] for nice pictures of coins available.

As to value, there are two factors. The first factor is precious metal content. At today's price of silver around $17.50 US dollars per troy ounce, 28.94 ounces is worth 28.94 x 17.50 = $506 US dollars. Be sure to look up the price of silver. It changes every day.

The second factor is mintage. The Russian mint intentionally limited the number of coins produced in an effort to drive price upward. CoinQuest despises this practice and we have no objective method for assigning values based on artificial limits. Maybe the price doubles. You are on your own to estimate value due to market manipulation.

Coin: 18065 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
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Requester description: 1995 1995 THE SUMMITS OF THE HEADS OF THE ALLIED POWERS to comemorate the Yalta agreement 100 rubles All in Russian
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