Medal: Great Britain Nelson Foudroyant  1897
Medal: Great Britain Nelson Foudroyant 1897

Hello Glenda -- Horatio Nelson was a British flag officer famous for his service in the Royal Navy, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars. You have a medal struck from the copper of Nelsonís Flagship, the Foudroyant. Catalog values for these medals run like this:

worn: $40 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circualted: $80
well preserved: $120
fully uncirculated: $280

There is a good write-up on these medals over at Chard, and, as always, CoinQuest is grateful to Chard for granting permission to use their terrific coin photos.

HMS Foudroyant was an 80-gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy. She was built in Plymouth, and launched on 31 March 1798. She was designed by Sir John Henslow, and was the only ship built to her draught. She was named for the 80-gun Foudroyant, captured from the French on 28 February 1758. This Foudroyant was a one-off design, differing from the British norm, and following French practice, by mounting the 80 guns on two decks rather than 3, as was typical of the British second rate. Nelson used Foudroyant as his flagship from 6 June 1799 until the end of June 1801.

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