India 2 Rupees National Integration  1992 to 2004
India 2 Rupees National Integration 1992 to 2004

Starting in 1992 these coins are 11-sided polygons in shape, and this continued until the end of 2004, after which a new series of coins was issued.

The obverse side of the coin bears the National Emblem of India, with the face value below the emblem. To the top-left side Bharat (meaning India) is written in Hindi using the Devanagari script, and to the bottom-left side Rupaye (meaning Rupees) is written also in Hindi using the same Devanagari script. The reverse side bears the National Integration theme, with the Map of India on it. The map also has the waving Flag of India on it.

The catalog prices go like this:

worn: less that $1 US dollar
average circulated: less than $1
well preserved: $1
fully uncirculated: $2

Coins dated 1992 and 1995 are somewhat more rare, cataloging at $7 in fully uncirculated condition.

Coin: 18114 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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