Medal: US The Men of the Beginning Bundesrepublik Deutschland  1989
Medal: US The Men of the Beginning Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1989

The medal in question seems to be 'Die Männer der ersten Stunde' - The Men of the Beginning, Konrad Adenauer, Theodor Heuss, and Kurt Schumacher, who are the three founding fathers of post-war German democracy. There are at least 10 series of medals minted to celebrate 40 Jahre Bundesrepublik - 40 years of the German Federal Republic (1949-1989). The one shown is the closest we could find to match requester's sfpoodles description, but there are probably others that would match as well.

These are commemorative medals minted in recent times, usually in the United States. Often, but not always, they are minted in silver, so the value comes from silver content. They are sold retail to collectors for much more than silver value, but, if you try to sell them on a secondary market, silver value is what you will be offered.

According to sfpoodles description, this medal is 42 mm in diameter and contains about 20 grams of fine (0.999 pure) silver. There are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce, so 20 grams is 20/31.1 = 0.643 troy ounces. Silver is selling now for about $17 US dollars per troy ounce (look it up, it changes every day), so 20 grams is worth 0.643 x 17 = $10.90.

Typically, a collectibles dealer sells medals like this for $30 to $50 retail. He or she would buy them from the general public for about $10.

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Requester description: 1989 1989 40 jahre bundsrepublik Deutschland. There is an eagle with40 in the middle and 1989 under the eagle. Eagle is facing left. The other side has a left side profile of3 men. The coin came in a blue case like a commemorative coin, included is a descriptive insert in German. Side one says Echtheitszertifikat with a picture off the coin under the coin it says jubilaumspragung. Inside at the bottom of the insert is the info 0.42 mm, ca.20 Grimm, Feinsilber 999/1000 Spiegelganz, International Proof-Qualitat, Hochreliefpragung (mattes Hoch-relief Spiegelglanzhintergrund). There is more info on the back of the insert, please let me know if you need the info.
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