South Africa 2 Cents (Wildebeast)  1965 to 1982
South Africa 2 Cents (Wildebeast) 1965 to 1982

It looks like a horse, but it's really a wildebeast on this copper South African coin. The reverse stays the same over the years (the wildebeast), but the 'heads' side changes:

1965-1969: Jan van Riebeeck
1968: Charles Swart
1970-1990: Coat of Arms
1976: Jacobus Foouche
1979: Nicolaas Diederichs
1982: Balthazar Vorster

All these coins are modern and are made out of non-precious metal. As such, they are worth face value (2 cents in South Africa). If you can find a fully uncirculated specimen, a collector might pay a few US dollars to add it to his or her collection.

Coin: 18209 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: Emalitza, Sat, 01-Nov-2014 23:26:57 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 02-Nov-2014 22:43:36 GMT
Requester description: 1966 On the front is a bucking horse with a mountain in the background. On the back is a man. Side profile, european? Shoulder length wavy hair. 2c Front: 2c
Back: SUID-AFRICA 1966
Tags: south africa 2 cents cent wildebeast suid sud southern zuid ziud africano african afrikaanshe afrikaans africaine afrika africaanshe afrik afrikaansche afrique peny pennys pennies penny horse mountain man european euro shoulder wavy wave hair mountie mounted mount equestrian rider pony horsehead riding horseman ride horseback horses equestres stallion volcanos volcanoes hill moutains volcano eruption mountains hills male mens mans europa eu europe eur waving waive wavey waves hairdo hairline


I have 4 of them how much do they worth when selling? - Limpho
As noted above, these coins are worth 2 cents in South Africa if circulated, and perhaps one or two US dollars to a collector when absolutely, fully uncirculated. This is true for all dates and varieties, since they are very modern and were struck in the millions. - CoinQuest (Chris)

I have 4 2cents of 1965 and 1 of 1967 and 3 of 1976 and 3 of 1979 and 1 of 1982, how much are they worth when sellng? - Theo
It depends on their condition - Paul's assessment (as stated above) remains true. - CoinQuest (Todd)




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