Great Britain 50 New Pence  1969 to 1997
Great Britain 50 New Pence 1969 to 1997

Decimal Day in the UK was in 1971. That's when the value of a British penny became worth 1/100th of a pound. Prior to that, a penny was worth 1/240th of a pound. To make the switch, the Royal Mint issued coins with the NEW PENCE denomination. They continued for 10 years. After 1981 the NEW was dropped and the Queen's portrait changed. Pence is the plural form of penny.

These coins are made of copper-nickel. Normal circulated coins are worth 50 pence in the UK. At current exchange rates (see for the current rate), that is about 80 US cents.

Sometimes coin collectors buy nice-looking examples of modern coins to add to their collections. If you have a 50 pence in fully uncirculated condition, you can probably sell it to a collector for a few US dollars.

That is Britannia, a symbol of strength and virtue, on the back of these 50 pence coins.

Coin: 18215 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: cole wing, Sun, 09-Nov-2014 01:36:54 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 09-Nov-2014 13:35:35 GMT
Requester description: 1978 Elizabeth on 1 side, warrior on other side holding fork like spear in right hand and reaching out a branch w/ leaves on the other sitting on a lion w shield behind them 50 D·G·REG·F·D·1978 ELIZABETH·II

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I have a coin very similar to this, in fact they are the same from the QEII side, with the unround shape. The year and 50 pence denomination is also right. Instead of this warrior and lion, my coin shows 9 hands forming a circle by linking hand to wrist hand to wrist, all the way around in a unified circle. With text in the center 1973 50 pence. A very simple design. One of my favorites, this is the first time I've ever tried to get any information though. I hope you can shed some light on the political or social inspiration of this coin, as I always hoped it had a great story. - Ashley
Yes, that is a cool design. It was issued in the year the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC), one of the forerunners of the European Union (EU). Notice that the hands are not all the same. They represent different ages and genders. Pretty neat. There were oodles of these commemorative coins issued for circulation, so value is low, a few US dollars when in fully uncirculated condition. - CoinQuest (Paul)

how can i sell my 50 pence 1973 coins this is my contact number ***
- Remz
Hi Remz -- We do not publish contact info on our pages. To sell your coin or any coin, you must choose one of three methods. Read about these methods on this page [Press Here]. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a 1994 D-Day commemorative 50p coin. Is this worth anything other than face value? Thanks in advance - Wilson LORIMER
Well preserved pieces without detracting marks and scratches, a sharp strike, good mint luster and no evidence of cleaning or polishing can sell to a collector for upwards of $8 US dollars. Coins that look better than average but without the 'zing' of freshly struck pieces are sometimes traded for $2 to $3 dollars or so, but the demand isn't very great. Almost 7 million of these coins were struck. If you have a 'proof' issue in its original packaging with a mint certificate, a collector may buy it for $10 or so. - CoinQuest (Chris)




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