Ancient Rome Hadrian Denarius with Moneta  134AD to 138AD
Ancient Rome Hadrian Denarius with Moneta 134AD to 138AD

Hadrian is one of those Roman emperors who came to be well famous. Amongst his greatest accomplishments is Hadrian's Wall which parted the island of Great Britain in two, running all the way from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. The wall had countless watchtowers and extra fortified parts, and served both to keep unwanted guests out of the Roman Empire, as well as to consolidate the area within as definitely being under Roman control.

These coins bear the inscription of 'COS III' on the obverse (front), which tells us that Hadrian was on his third term of Consular power when the coins were struck, dating them to between 134 and 138 AD. The word MONETA on the reverse is an epithet of the goddess Juno - the protectress of funds and money. The denomination of the coin is known as a denarius, a word that survives to this day as the 'dinar' in some countries.

These are desirable coins and worth quite a bit as long as they don't have problems like holes, gouges or severe scratches.

worn: $100 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $225
well preserved: $450

The coin in our picture comes from Numismatik Lanz München in Munich where it sold for 190 euros (about 240 US dollars) in a 2013 auction. CoinQuest thanks Lanz for use of their coin image.

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Coin: 18222 , Genre: Ancient
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