Ancient Great Britain (Catuvellauni Tribe) Coin with Victory Sacrificing a Bull  20AD to 43AD
Ancient Great Britain (Catuvellauni Tribe) Coin with Victory Sacrificing a Bull 20AD to 43AD

In the Iron Age, before the Romans conquered most of Britain, it was inhabited by a number of tribes, each with their own territories, towns, fortifications, kings and warlords. One such tribe was the Catuvellauni, inhabiting an area based around their capital of Verlamion, a town that has survived into modern times, now under the name of St Albans.

Cunobelin was a major king, ruling over two of such tribes. He was one of the first 'Kings of Britain' to be mentioned by the classical writers. In addition to the Catuvellauni, he also ruled over the Trinovantes. Their capital also survived until today, known as Colchester.

These coins show a winged horse, a Pegasus, flying towards the right. On the other side, they show the personification of Victory sacrificing a bull. This symbolism spoke well to the Romans, using classical motifs, and according to history, Cunobelin did seem to maintain good relations with the Romans, with trade flourishing under his rule. Thanks to the large degree of contact between the Romans and the Catuvellauni, some ancient Greek writings about them have survived, and this makes these coins extra interesting to some collectors.

worn: $120 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $400
well preserved: $800 and up

Even damaged coins are worth quite a bit. If you have a problem coin (say, with a large edge chip or a repulsive patina) divide the above values by 2.

Coin: 18368 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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