Medal: Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito  1973 to 1983
Medal: Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito 1973 to 1983

Josip Broz Tito (1892 to 1980) is usually heralded as a benevolent dictator of Yugoslavia. He held many posts and served in many roles from 1943 until his death in 1980. This medal commemorates his term as Marshal of Yugoslavia, commander of the Yugoslav People's Army.

These medals come in various sizes with dates from 1973 o 1983. They appear in silver and in gold, and are worth their weight in precious metal. I have seen them with weights ranging from 4 grams to 15 grams, and there may be several other weights as well.

To evaluate these medals, the first step is to determine weight in grams. Usually a jeweler's scale can measure to a fraction of a gram. Visit a jewelry store and get the weight of your particular medal.

The second step is to determine the purity of the gold or silver. This is usually stamped on the medal itself. I have seen 0.975 pure for silver and 0.900 pure for gold. Once you have the purity fraction, multiply to find the weight of precious metal in the piece:

[grams of gold] = [weight in grams] * [gold purity]

A gold medal that weighs, for instance, 4.7 grams on the jeweler's scale and is marked 0.900 pure, has 4.7 * 0.900 = 4.23 grams of pure gold. Similar calculations are done for silver.

Once you know the grams of gold, divide by 31.1 to get the troy ounces of gold:

[troy ounces of gold] = [grams of gold] / 31.1

In our example, 4.23 grams of gold is 0.136 troy ounces of gold.

Look up the current price of gold at Today the price of gold is $1221 US dollars per troy ounce, but tomorrow it will be different, so look it up. Today silver is $17 per troy ounce.

Finally, multiply to get the value in dollars. To conclude our example of the 4.7 gram piece, 0.136 ounces of gold is worth 0.136 x 1221 = $166 US dollars, and that is the value of the medal.

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