Token: US Anti-Slavery 'Am I not a Woman and a Sister?'  1838
Token: US Anti-Slavery 'Am I not a Woman and a Sister?' 1838

'Am I not a Woman and a Sister?' appeared on abolitionist tokens that have circulated in America and Great Britain. At the end of 1837 the American Anti-Slavery Society, located at 143 Nassau Street, New York, commissioned the firm of Gibbs Gardner & Co. of Belleville, N.J. to strike these copper tokens. These tokens show significant relations between abolition and the fight for equal rights of women. There were also 'Am I not a Man and a Brother' tokens, but the female version drew much more attention.

The price for this token goes like this:

worn: $75 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $150
well preserved: $300

There are modern replicas of these tokens. The replicas are worth one US dollar or less.

Coin: 18421 , Genre: Tokens
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