Belgium 100 Francs  1948 to 1954
Belgium 100 Francs 1948 to 1954

Those four kings are Leopold I, Leopold II, Albert I, and Leopold III. Some coins have BELGIE and others BELGIQUE. Composition is silver with 0.483 troy ounces of the precious metal in each coin.

Evaluating these coins involves separating the *good dates* from the *common dates* ---

COMMON DATES (all coins not shown in lists below)
worn: BV
average circulated: BV
well preserved: BV + $5 US dollars approximate catalog value
fully uncirculated: BV + $10

In the list above, BV means 'base value' or the value of the coin due to its silver content alone. To compute BV, mutliply the current price of silver by 0.483. For example, if silver is trading at $12 US dollars per troy ounce (see for current pricing), BV = 0.483 x 12 = $5.80 US dollars.


Some of these coins are worth quite a bit more than the *common date* analysis above. Check your coins against the list below for *good dates*. The value shown is for coins in well preserved condition.

Coins with BELGIQUE dated 1949: $50
Coins with BELGIE dated 1950: $800
Coins with BELGIQUE dated 1948 or 1950 with medal alignment: $90
Coins with BELGIE dated 1948 or 1949 with medal alignment: $80

Medal alignment has to do with the way the front and back of the coin are related to each other. There is 'coin alignment' and 'medal alignment.' To find out which you've got, hold the coin between your thumb and index finger with your thumb on the bottom and index finger on the top. Now turn the coin from left to right, like turning the page of a book. If the pattern on the reverse side is upside down, you have coin alignment. It if it is right side up, you have medal alignment.

Coin: 18490 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: Merwida, Fri, 26-Dec-2014 13:51:06 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 26-Dec-2014 16:35:43 GMT
Requester description: 1949 FRONT: Has a single Lion coat of arms, the lion is facing left. Above the lion is a crown. There is also a circular pattern around the lion with the top half hidden behind the lion crest. In this pattern it looks like alternating lions and crowns with a small military type 4 sided star hanging below. The word 'BELGIA' is right at the bottom, with '100' on the left of the arms, and 'FRk' on the right of the arms.

BACK: Date of 1949 is at the top, with a crown between the 19 and 49. At the bottom id a small 5 pointed Star. In the middle are four heads looking in the same direction, to the left. 2nd head from the front has a beard.
The outer ring of the coin has dots around the perimeter and the outer edge of the coin had 'grip' lines.

The coin looks like a 100 Belgian Franks from 1949, but I can't seem to find it here? 100 Frk BELGIE (with 2 apostrophe on the last E)
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