Germany Prussia 2 and 5 Marks  1874 to 1888
Germany Prussia 2 and 5 Marks 1874 to 1888

Oh, wow, Klaus. Nice coin. And valuable, too.

When you say your coin has 'little or no wear' does it look like the coin in the picture? If so the catalog value is up around $400 US dollars or more. The coin shown comes from Westfalische Auctions where it is on sale for 575 euros. Cool! It is a beautiful coin in beautiful numismatic (coin collector) condition.

The old German State of Prussia issued 2 and 5 mark silver coins between 1874 to 1888. They show King Wilhelm I (Wilhelm II followed immediately), and the German imperial eagle. Here are the stats:

ZWEI (2) MARK, 27 mm diameter, 0.322 troy ounces silver
worn: $15 US dollars catalog value
average circulated: $30
well preserved: $225
fully uncirculated: $600
coins dated 1879 are scarce and catalog for $200 average circulated, $2300 fully uncirculated.
coins dated 1884: multiply by 2 for average circulated coins, and multiply by 1.5 for well preserved and fully uncirculated coins.
coins dated 1888 with FRIEDRICH: divide these values by two
coins dated 1888 with WILHELM: scarce, cataloging at $250 in average circulated but $500 in fully uncirculated.

FUNF (5) MARK, 39 mm diameter, 0.804 troy ounces silver
worn: $30 US dollars catalog value
average circulated: $50
well preserved: $400
fully uncirculated: $1200
coins dated 1874: divide these values by two
coins dated 1876A: divide these values by two
coins dated 1876B: divide these values by two
coins dated 1888 with FRIEDRICH: divide these values by four
coins dated 1888 with WILHELM: multiply these values by two


For a side-by-side comparison of a cleaned and an uncleaned coin, go to this CoinQuest link. You may be surprised at what you see.

These are all catalog values. Be sure you understand what this means. Actual values are less. See our Important Terminology page for more info.

CoinQuest thanks Westfalische Auctions Gesellschaft for use of their coin image. It's a beauty!

Coin: 1850 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1876 Front; (A WILHELM DEUTSCHER KAISER KOENIG V. PREUSSEN) AROUND A FACE Back; (DEUTSCHES REICH 1876 ZWEI MARK) AROUND AN EAGLE Material: Silver Description: Obverse: Portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm I (1861 1888) right. Semicircular inscription: WILHELM DEUTSCHER KAISER KONIG V. PREUSSEN. Beneath it mint mark (variants: A, B, C). Reverse: The arms of the country with a so-called small eagle, above it the German imperial crown; on a breast of an eagle board with the arms of Prussia, around it a Prussian award of the Black Eagle with a circuit. Semicircular inscription: DEUTSCHES REICH ∙ ZWEI MARK, year of issue. 900 standard silver (Ag 900, Cu 100). Diameter 28 mm. Weight 11.111 g. Edge 140 corrugations, thickness 2.1 mm. This type of coin has been struck in 1876, 1877, 1879, 1880, 1883, 1884, was in circulation in Ukraine from end of April to the middle of November, 1918. FMM hasn’t got this coin yet.
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