Great Britain (Mercia) Coenwulf Penny  796AD to 821AD
Great Britain (Mercia) Coenwulf Penny 796AD to 821AD

Back around 800AD, Mercia was a kingdom at the center of what today is England. King Coenwulf ruled there between 796 and 821. He issued pennies in silver and other coins with his name and likeness in gold. If you find one today, you have found a small fortune.

The Coenwulf penny in our primary picture (upper right) comes from Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles in Beverly Hills, California, USA. This coin is in fantastic condition and sold for $8000 US dollars in a 2008 auction. It would probably sell for more today. CoinQuest, as always, is grateful to the Goldbergs for allowing us to use their amazing coin image.

Often only fragments of these coins remain. Such fragments are still worth substantial amounts to collectors of medieval coinage:

worn, fragmented: $1000 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $5000
well preserved: $10000

Of course catalog values for original coins like this are pretty much fiction. Each coin instead stands on its own merits and the value increases as the condition and eye appeal increases.

Requester Sagan understands that he does not have a genuine medieval coin, but a modern reproduction. These modern pieces come in silver and gold colors, but are made of copper-nickel underneath a precious metal coating. Reproductions (see our secondary picture) sell for about $10 to $20 US dollars. A dealer would pay perhaps $5 for one to re-sell.

Coin: 18545 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: sagan, Fri, 02-Jan-2015 19:45:36 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 03-Jan-2015 16:21:25 GMT
Requester description: 2008 A new gold coin struck by mint office in 2008. With a picture of King Coenwulf of Mercia on one side of the coin and with a flower and cross on other side of the Anglo-Saxon times.
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