Mexico 1/4 Real  1843 to 1863
Mexico 1/4 Real 1843 to 1863

These are neat coins, Ben. They are small 1/4 real, or quarto or quartilla, coins minted by Mexican Republic. One-eigth and one-half reals were also minted, all the way up to 8 reales which is the equivalent of an American silver dollar. This page applies only to 1/4 reals with the bust of Miss Liberty on the front. Mint marks (like Mo and Zs) and minter's initials (like LR and LPi) change the value of some coins.

We report values of these coins by first giving general values for common dates, mint marks, and initials. Then, after the 'common date' coins, we list 'special dates' and their values.

COMMON DATE COINS (most coins, those not in the list below)
worn: $3 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $10
well preserved: $30

SPECIAL DATE COINS (as listed, with values for well preserved specimens)
1842 Do LR: $150
1842 Go PM: $100
1843 Do: $240
1843 CA RG: $600
1855 C LR: $550
1845 Go LR: $100
1845 Mo LR: $90
1846 Ga LR: $80
1846 Go LR: $90
1846 Mo LR: $90
1847 Ga LR: $80
1849 Go LR: $90
1851 Ga LR: $70
1852 Ga LR: $250
1854 Ga LR: $250
1854 Ga LR: $130
1855 Ga LR: $130
1856 Go LR: $80
1856 SL Pi: $80
1857 Ga LR: $130
1857 SL Ii: $220
1862 Ga LR: $130
1862 SL Pi: $120

If your coin is not in the list above, it is a 'common date' coin with values shown on this page.

Use our Important Terminology page to properly interpret these catalog values.

Coin: 18604 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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