Token: Guyana ~ Guiana (British) Trade and Navigation  1838
Token: Guyana ~ Guiana (British) Trade and Navigation 1838

I wonder what the world economy would be like if we all stuck to the PURE COPPER PREFERABLE TO PAPER idea. Gold and silver are long-gone from the world's currencies, and copper was removed from American one cent coins in 1982. Things would be different. Would they be better?

But I digress ...

Canada and a few other nations issued several different patterns of TRADE AND NAVIGATION tokens during the mid-to-late 1800s. The one in our picture comes from British Guiana and is on sale at Coin Haus SESAM Basel in Riehen, Switzerland for 35 euros, about $41 US dollars, a good price for a nice-looking specimen with average wear and no problems. (Problems include scratches, stains, cleanings, spots, nicks, gouges, and the like.)

The SESAM Basel coin gives a good idea of value, which run like this:

worn: $20
average circulated: $50
well preserved: $100
fully uncirculated: $300

These are catalog values which must be adjusted to get actual buy and sell pricing. See our Important Terminology page for a discussion about how to change catalog values into actual values. CoinQuest thanks Coin Haus SESAM Basel for use of their coin image. It is a nice one!

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