Norway 10 Kroner  1983 to 1991
Norway 10 Kroner 1983 to 1991

According to currency site, 10 Norwegian kroner is worth abut 1.33 US Dollars. Currency exchange rates are always changing, so look it up to be sure.

For coins in better shape the catalog value goes like this:

well preserved: $2 US dollars
fully uncirculated: $3.5

The coins minted in 1983 are somewhat rare in fully uncirculated condition so in this case the price is $6 US dollars.

These catalog values (as explained in our Important Terminology page on the top left) only apply to coins without problems, such as holes, gouges or stains.

Coin: 18774 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: Summer, Tue, 03-Feb-2015 14:18:59 GMT
Answered by: Andrei, Tue, 03-Feb-2015 19:08:52 GMT
Requester description: 1986 konge olav.v.norges. 1986 10 kr looks like it's been punched Where the decoration is and is decorated with a reef type design circling the decoration. 10 kr KONGE.OLAV.V.NORGES
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