France Liard  1643 to 1715
France Liard 1643 to 1715

Just about all of these old liards from Louis XIV (L XIIII) are pretty worn and beat up. If you find one in decent condition, it is a valuable piece. The worn ones are not too valuable.

There are dozens and dozens of mint marks and 'privy marks' associated with these coins. To get a thorough listing, you must consult a coin catalog. (Most libraries have them.) The crowned L mint mark that requester Hicks mentions is from Lille and is generally more rare than other mint marks. The catalogs list Mr. Hicks' coin at $60 US dollars in average circulated (VF-20) condition.

We can give only rough approximations in this CoinQuest forum. Here are typical catalog values averaged across all dates and marks:

worn: $12 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $75
well preserved: $400

Catalog values are inflated values. See our Important Terminology page for an thorough explanation.

Coin: 18799 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: David Hicks, Wed, 25-Feb-2015 13:53:00 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Wed, 25-Feb-2015 16:07:27 GMT
Requester description: 3 fleur de lis on one side, with a crown above the L mint mark. (one side)LIARD DE FRANCE L(Mint mark)
(face side) LXIIII ROV DE. FR. ET. NAV 1693
Tags: france liard gaul francaises francais french rf francaise francie franciaise franciase francai fran fracaise liards one mint mark rov et nav ones mintmark mintmaster mintmarks deutschemark reicshmark dreimark sammel marke dutchemark kohlenmarke reichmark sammelmarke deuchmark markas marks marc satzmarke reichsmark marck 3 fleur flower lis crown florets blossom fler fleurs lises petals leis lisse flowerettes flur stems trefoils floral lily petels orchid posy bouquet flowers flour orcid bud lilly lei petal bloomed trefoil floret floer stem flowery lilys fluer fleures pedals crowned tiara crowns tiarra crowning tiera roy


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