Ancient Greece Silver Tetradrachm Philip V and Athena Alkidemos  220BC to 211BC
Ancient Greece Silver Tetradrachm Philip V and Athena Alkidemos 220BC to 211BC

That is quite a coin, Kavalski. With Philip V, King of Macedon, on the front and goddess Athena on the back. It is a prized collectible when in good condition with good eye appeal. Prices range from $800 US dollars or so, up to the $8000 mark, maybe even more. With high-quality ancient coins like this, each coin stands on its own merits and assigning values is difficult at best.

To give you an idea, the coin in our primary picture (upper left) comes from Lanz Auctions in Munich, where it sold for 3200 euros (about $3500 US dollars) in a 2014 auction. The coin in the large picture below it quite a bit nicer. It was sold by Fritz Rudolph Kunker, in Osnabruck, Germany for 7000 euros (about $8000) in a 2013 auction.

I believe the Kunker coin is up for auction again. I'd expect a similar hammer price.

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Coin: 18809 , Genre: Ancient
Requested by: Kavalski, Thu, 26-Feb-2015 11:49:13 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Thu, 26-Feb-2015 15:46:21 GMT
Requester description: Philip V (221-179 B.C.), Silver Tetradrachm, 16.96g,. Struck c.212 B.C. Diademed head of Philip V facing to right. Rev. BA?I?E?? ?I?I??OY , Athena Alkidemos, viewed from behind, advancing to left, holding a round shield decorated with a star on her left shoulder, and brandishing a ...
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