Bermuda 100 Dollars  1977
Bermuda 100 Dollars 1977

You have a gorgeous coin, Gerchan, and valuable, too. This 100 dollar coin from Bermuda contains 0.234 troy ounces of gold. At current market price (look it up, the price of gold changes every day), that is about $275 US dollars worth of gold.

Your coin can never be worth less than its gold value. For coins that look exceptionally nice, a collector might pay a premium over and above gold value, as follows:

- 'Normal' eye appeal with, perhaps, stains, fingerprints, scratches and so forth: value is gold value alone

- 'Exceptional' eye appeal, value gold value plus $20

The coin in our picture is a proof coin made exclusively for collectors. Its value gold value alone. Do you know why? It has 'exceptional' eye appeal, but there is a slight stain near the Queen's forehead. This stain lowers the price to gold value alone.

Coin: 18856 , Genre: Modern-only
Requested by: gerchan armistead, Thu, 05-Mar-2015 20:10:50 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 06-Mar-2015 14:15:08 GMT
Requester description: 100.dollar 1977 burmuda in gold look on chain front Elizabeth 1x
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