Germany Prussia 1/6 Thaler  1809 to 1818
Germany Prussia 1/6 Thaler 1809 to 1818

6 einen reichs thaler means 'one-sixth of a reichs thaler'. The coin shows Frederick III, king of Prussia.

These coins catalog around $8 US dollars in worn condition, and rise in value as condition improves. The catalogs report prices around $25 for average circulated coins, and the values go up to $60 for well preserved coins, and all the way to several $100 for coins in absolutely, fully uncirculated condition.

The coin in the picture comes from Frits A. Bodde who has it on sale for 55 euros -- a good price for a problem-free specimen in excellent numismatic (coin collector) condition. With heavy wear, your coin will be worth substantially less.

Most the coins in this series, from 1809 to 1818, are worth roughly the same as this example. The 1812B and 1817A coins are slightly less common in well preserved condition, where they catalog at $80, and in uncirculated condition, where they catalog at $150.

The 1818D date is the best of the series, and it catalogs at $60 when average circulated, $110 when well preserved, and $250 when fully uncirculated.

Use our Important Terminology link to fully understand what 'catalog value' means. Actual value is less.

CoinQuest thanks MONETA NOVA Frits A. Bodde for use of this nice coin image.

Coin: 1894 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1812 6 Einen Riechs Thaler. Oak leaf wreath around outer rim, writing on outer rim: VIER UND ACHTZIG EINE FEINE MARK. The Head on the other side is that of a young man with sweeping curve on the base of neck.
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