Bermuda Sommer Islands Hogge Pence and Shilling (Fakes are possible)  1616
Bermuda Sommer Islands Hogge Pence and Shilling (Fakes are possible) 1616

In 1609, Sir George Somers, a British colonist from Virginia, was shipwrecked on the Bermuda Islands for 10 months. By 1612 there were 60 colonists on the Islands and the earliest brass 'hogge money' coins were hand struck in 2, 3, 6, and 12 pence (12 pence equals 1 shilling). An Internet search quickly uncovers detailed histories of these unique and interesting coins.

Recently, detectorists scouring the sands of Bermuda have uncovered a few of the early coins. They are tremendously valuable, even in worn and corroded condition. Brass coins do not do well when buried in sand soaked in tropical sea water!

Not surprisingly, modern reproductions of these coins have been made. Notably Dickeson and Bashlow copies have emerged and garnered a collector following. Our composite image below summarizes a few of these pieces.

CoinQuest thanks CoinAuctionsHelp and Stack's Bowers for use of their images of valuable original coins.

(A) Original shilling (XII), worth tens of thousands of US dollars
(B) Original sixpence (VI), worth tens of thousands of US dollars
(C) Original shilling, worth thousands of US dollars even in condition shown
(D) Dickeson reproduction, worth $200 US dollars worn to $800 or more uncirculated
(E) Bashlow restrike with 'mule' reverse, worth $10 worn to $100 fully uncirculated
(F) Nice reproduction, worth $10 to $50
(G) Crude reproduction shilling, worth $5 to $20
(H) Crude reproduction sixpence, worth $5 to $20

Coin: 19115
Requested by: Bev Larsen, Sat, 18-Apr-2015 16:39:54 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 18-Apr-2015 18:42:36 GMT
Requester description: SOMMER ISLANDS with a Pig and XII roman numerals.
Other side has a sailing ship
Its made mostly of lead and has no date
Its smaller than a Dickeson copy and weighs less as well
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