Netherlands 2 1/2 Cents (German Occupation)  1941 and 1942
Netherlands 2 1/2 Cents (German Occupation) 1941 and 1942

These coins were struck in zinc during the German occupation of the Netherlands in the second World War. Zinc was a less valuable metal, and was chosen as the material for the coins since copper was needed to produce various munitions and other supplies for the war. These 2 cent coins were only struck in 1941 and 1942, but most of the 1942 issues were melted down, and only about 30 coins are known to exist. Be vary of counterfeits.

The coins dated 1941 are valued as follows:
worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $3
well preserved: $6
fully uncirculated: $25+

The attractive example in our image was sold for $15.50 on eBay.

Damaged coins will be worth zero. Please refer to our Important Terminology page in order to properly interpret these catalog values.

Coin: 19127 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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