Medal: Germany Berlin  1844
Medal: Germany Berlin 1844

This medal commemorates German diligence and strength. As with most medals, the collector following is not as widespread as coins, so the collector demand is low and so is the price.

CoinQuest thanks Helmut Weitze for use of their image. This item is on sale at this web site for 30 euros, about $45 US dollars. It is a beautiful piece.

Your medal might sell for better than 30 euros because it has little or no wear. But remember, these prices are retail values. If you wanted to sell your piece to Mr. Weitze, for instance, he would probably pay one-half of the retail value. He needs that kind of mark-up to keep his business afloat.

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Coin: 1918 , Genre: Medals
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Requester description: 1844 This seems to be some kind of copper German commemerative coin, 1and3/4 in. in dia. dated 1844.There is an engraving of a woman sitting on a stone that says 'Seid Cinig'. She is holding a wreath and sword. Around the edge it says,'Erinerung an die ausstellung deutscher gewerbserzeugnisse zu Berlin 1844'. On the other side there is a ring of engraved industry pics with a train on a bridge in the middle. Around the edge it says, 'Vorwaerts mit deutschem fleisse und deutscher kraft'
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