Token: US Crabtree Mint Silver
Token: US Crabtree Mint Silver

The Crabtree Mint (based in the city of Paradise, California, USA) is a private, non-government mint which has produced a large variety of silver bars and bullion coins over the past few decades. Some are quite nice looking, while some have more plain designs. All of them are worth their weight in silver. At the time of writing, 1 troy ounce of silver is selling for $17.50 US dollars. Look it up, because it changes every day.

Click this link to see our general page on US silver art rounds.

Rich Hartzog buys and sells private mint material all the time. See his web site at Here is what Rich says about modern collectibles from private mints:

'The Crabtree Mint and the many other Modern Mint items are lovely. However there are few collectibles at any substantial premium over the bullion value. I might be able to get a modest premium for them, but not enough to be able to pay you anything over the current scrap value. With the run-up and collapse of silver and gold values, most the collectors have been run out of the market, and they have not returned at the current lower prices. Virtually all of the issues and sets are now worth just the bullion value, sorry to say!'

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Requested by: Niicholle, Thu, 14-May-2015 00:28:41 GMT
Answered by: Chris, Thu, 14-May-2015 17:59:30 GMT
Requester description: 1982 8 stars on one side of coin 4 stars then line dividing face of coin in half, and then 4 more stars.
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