Medal: US Gold Standard Corporation (For Integrity There Is No Substitute)  1980 to 1990
Medal: US Gold Standard Corporation (For Integrity There Is No Substitute) 1980 to 1990

In 1977, free-market visionary Conrad J. Braun, founded the Gold Standard Corporation. He minted his own precious metal coinage and sold them to the public. Inscriptions such as 'Sound Commercial Banking,' 'Denationalization of Money,' and 'Free Choice of Currencies' communicated Braun's vision of a world-wide, denominated currency backed by precious metal. You can find a thorough description of Braun and his corporation over at Chiefa Coins. When the price of gold and silver collapsed during the late 1980s, Braun made some unwise investments that ultimately did his company in.

GSC's products today trade at close to 'spot' values of gold and silver (see for current spot price), so a 1/10 ounce gold GSC coin would sell near 0.1 times the price of gold. Today that would be about $120 US dollars.

It might be wise to purchase these items. I notice that highly regarded Ampex Corporation has several examples for sale at low premiums. These GSC pieces are relatively new, so the premiums above precious metal value is low. But as time goes on they could acquire significant collector value, over and above metal content.

Requester Jarrad has one of GSC's later products, the 'For Christ There Is No Substitute' proof set. The subject matter and rarity of this set adds several hundred dollars to its basic gold value.

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Requested by: Jarrad, Thu, 11-Jun-2015 06:53:52 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Thu, 11-Jun-2015 15:43:25 GMT
Requester description: Gold standard corporation proof set of 5 gold coins 1/20 1/10 1/4 1/2 1 oz.
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