Great Britain Fine Sovereign (Elizabeth I) (Fakes are possible)  1550 to 1600
Great Britain Fine Sovereign (Elizabeth I) (Fakes are possible) 1550 to 1600

You have an amazing coin, Kate. If it is genuine, it is worth boatloads of money. These are hammered coinage from Queen Elizabeth I. The reason it is called a 'fine sovereign' is because it contains 30 shillings worth of gold. A 'normal sovereign' contains 20 shillings.

The genuine coin in our main picture (upper left) and the supplementary picture (enlarged, below) comes from Spink in London where it sold for 6000 British pounds (about $9300 US dollars) during a 2015 auction. This gives you and idea of value. Each coin, of course, stands on its own merits. I have seen some sell as high as $25000+ but no lower than $8000.

As always with valuable coins, counterfeits exist. Two pictures appear below. The gold one immediately below is an enlargement of the Spink coin. Below that is a well-known replica in pewter. Usually, before selling, they gild the pewter fakes and then look for novice buyers.

As always, CoinQuest is indebted to Spink for allowing us to use their photo of this amazing coin. Thank you!

The coin above in genuine. The coin below is fake.

Coin: 19386 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: Kate, Thu, 11-Jun-2015 07:40:47 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 12-Jun-2015 02:43:54 GMT
Requester description: 1560 Queen Elizabeth sitting on throne holding what appears to be a cross in the left hand and a staff in the right.
On rear is a coat of arms FRA. ET HIB REGINA ELIZABETH D G ANG
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