Denmark Rigsbankskilling  1818
Denmark Rigsbankskilling 1818

There are 96 Danish rigsbankskillings in one Danish rigsbankdaler. Denmark minted this piece only in 1818. Nevertheless, it does not carry much collector value when worn and unappealing. However, when they have great eye appeal and little wear, they can sell at respectable prices.

These coins are made of copper, and are of a decent size, weighing 7.3 grams.

Approximate catalog values go like this:
worn: $10 US dollars
average circulated: $45
well preserved: $100
fully uncirculated: $200

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Coin: 1943 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1818 Inscription: RIKSBANKDALER DEVICES: Crown with oval circel on other side 1 RIKSBANK SKILLING 1818
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