Token: US EA, FC, MM Degrees in Freemasonry
Token: US EA, FC, MM Degrees in Freemasonry

In Freemasonry there are three levels, or degrees, of achievement or rank: EA (Entered Apprentice), FC (Fellow Craft), and MM (Master Mason). These correspond roughly to youth, manhood, and age, and are represented by slightly different configurations of the compass-and-square symbol, as shown in our picture to the right.

Tokens can be prepared by a Masonic Lodge with space for writing the dates one achieves a certain degree. In the example on this page, the blank space after EA, FC, and MM is ready for engraving the respective dates.

If a particular token holds special sentimental or emotional value to someone, they might be willing to pay quite a bit to procure one. Without sentiment or emotion, these generally sell retail as follows:

worn or damaged: $2 US dollars
in superb, pristine condition: $20

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