Medal: Great Britain Prince Charles Edward MEA RES AGITUR  1749
Medal: Great Britain Prince Charles Edward MEA RES AGITUR 1749

This is a medal struck to foster Jacobitism in England, Scotland and Ireland, which was a movement to install James II of England on the throne, even though he was Roman Catholic. There is a detailed summary of this rare medal at Classical Numismatic Group. The CNG medal is silver (and even more valuable) than the more prevalent bronze medals.

The medal in our picture comes from Baldwin's in London where it sold for 520 British pounds (about $800 US dollars) during a 2011 auction.

Approximate catalog values are:

worn: $250
average circulated: $750
well preserved: $1400

worn: $400
average circulated: $900
well preserved: $1800

There may be gold versions of this medal (we have not found one) which would be even more valuable.

These are catalog prices. To find out what actual buy and sell prices might be, read our Important Terminology page.

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Coin: 19480 , Genre: Medals
Requested by: Kiki, Sun, 28-Jun-2015 17:34:11 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Mon, 29-Jun-2015 01:47:09 GMT
Requester description: 1749 It has a soldier in a kilt, holding a shield on 1 side. And a flower on the other side where the writing is.
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