Germany 1 Pfennig  1873 to 1916
Germany 1 Pfennig 1873 to 1916

Hello Sal --

The old German Empire issed these small copper coins from 1873 to 1916. Most of them are not worth very much, but there are some better dates and mint marks. Since your coin is bent, figure it has essentially no value. Coin collectors will not buy bent coins.

For *common date* coins, which are most of them, here are the average catalog values in US dollars:

After 1887: $1 worn, $4 average circulated, $10 well preserved
Before 1888: $3 worn, $8 average circulated, $20 well preserved

These are catalog values. Be sure you understand what this means by going to our Terminology page.

The older pfennigs, before 1890, use a smaller Imperial Eagle on the reverse.

Now you might have an *uncommon date and mint mark* which are listed here:

1873A: $350 when average circulated
1873B: $550 average circulated
1874G: $50
1874H: $90
1875H: $80
1876D: $60
1876H: $65
1876J: $115
1877A: $250
1877B: $750
1885E: $70
1885G: $50
1886G: $100
1887E with a large dot after 'PFENNIG': $5000
1891G: $70
1902J: $500

Hope you've got on of these good ones!

There is a bunch of 'kinda decent' dates, listed below:
1874B: $15 average circulated
1874E: $30
1875E: $35
1875F: $20
1876G: $35
1885J: $30
1885E: $15
1885F: $15
1886J: $17
1887G: $17
1888F: $45
1888G: $15

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