Token: Great Britain Far Famed Cakes and Biscuits  1897
Token: Great Britain Far Famed Cakes and Biscuits 1897

Far Famed Cake Company Ltd started in 1881 at Poplar, east London. It is now part of the massive J. Lyons and Company in the UK.

In 1897, Queen Victoria celebrated the sixtieth year of her reign -- a diamond jubilee. She would be queen until 1901.

This 'coin' is not really a coin, but an advertising token for promoting cakes and biscuits during the queen's diamond jubilee. They are more common than you might think, but very few still exist in nice condition. Most look worn, dirty, and marred. There are made of non-precious base medal. Most look copper-colored, but some are silver-colored.

The catalog values of these pieces, both copper and silver color, depend strongly on the condition, as follows:

worn: $4 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $10
well preserved: $25
fully uncirculated: $75

Rememeber that these are catalog values. Actual buy and sell values are different. Refer to our Important Terminology page to understand how catalog values work.

Coin: 19541 , Genre: Tokens
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Requester description: 1897 1837 ? Far famed cakes & biscuits on the back and haves a cheurb blowing a horn and shape of earth its a big Victoria coin says something 60 year of somthing
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