China (Chihli Province) Tael (Counterfeit)  1907
China (Chihli Province) Tael (Counterfeit) 1907

After you look at enough of these, it is fairly easy to tell a poor counterfeit from a genuine Chinese coin. This one is obviously fake based on the un-natural appearance of the surfaces. Not only that, no such genuine coin exists with '33rd Year of Kuang Hsu' and 'One Tael' inscriptions.

The coin is a fake and worth nothing. Perhaps an interested collector would pay a few US dollars for it.

This coin is clearly a counterfeit. However, as Chinese crooks get better and better, and as they are funded more and more, detecting counterfeits becomes are real problem. Never purchase an expensive Chinese coin from anyone you do not trust.

You can see pictures of a genuine Chihli tael at this link [PRESS HERE].

Coin: 19584 , Genre: The Sinosphere
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