Australia (Northern Territory) 10 Dollars  1992
Australia (Northern Territory) 10 Dollars 1992

Australia started minting silver $10 coins for collectors in 1982. Each coin has Queen Elizabeth on the front and an artistic and interesting pattern on the back. One of the 1992 patterns celebrates Australia's Northern Territory. There are other 1992 patterns in addition to the Northern Territory pattern.

This $10 coin contains 0.595 troy ounces of silver. Other dates can have different silver weights (get a coin catalog to be sure). The coin is worth its weight in silver, plus a small collector premium.

Base Value (BV) for the Northern Territory coin is 0.595 x 14.84 = $8.83 US dollars, where the 14.84 is today's price of silver. Be sure to look up the silver price, because it will be different tomorrow.

Uncirculated coin: BV + $3
Proof coin: BV + $8

These are approximate retail prices a collector might pay to buy one of these coins. If you wanted to sell your coin to a coin dealer, the dealer would probably pay a little less than silver value (BV). The dealer needs a mark-up to keep the dealership afloat.

Coin: 19601 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: Two kangaroos on each side with a shield in the middle of two smaller shrub like trees and above the shield is a smaller eagle like bird
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